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Delivery Point

Choose Convenience.

Delivery Point, briefly Quick Way, is an innovator in the official document services field. Gone are the days when you needed to have a PRO personally go to the Tasheel centres. With Delivery Point, the office comes to your doorstep. Through an innovative app, you can book a vehicle to your doorstep at your convenience and securely complete your document transactions within minutes.

The Idea

The inspiration was the phrase “Choose convenience”. This is what was decided on as the official slogan for Delivery Point. Following that, we pitched several different ideas for the company image and landed on one that was most suitable for governmental document transactions. With inspiration from the founders of the company, we developed a complete brand identity including colors, logos, wordmarks, placements and more.

The Execution

The branding done, we immediately started work on developing a fully featured and functional website. Since we now had a working brand manual, we drew more inspiration from several sources and combined them into a unique and fresh design that radiated authority and impacted a sense of convenience through simple UI tweaks and content placement. We believe the end results speak for themselves.


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