What does Amima mean?

Amima comes from the Arabic word ‘Umm’ meaning mother.

It was the name given to the clan who owned the largest caravanserai (also called Khan) in the region now known as Levant. The Amima clan would act as the host of a merchant’s guild of sorts; building Khans, welcoming and servicing other merchants — even foreign ones — and leading trading expeditions to Makkah around Hajj time, among other things. They, and others like them in different regions, were a bedrock of Arab economy, and society in general, at the time.

It is their spirit of entrepreneurial hospitality that Amima is deeply embedded with.

  • Accountability
    through collaboration

  • Sustainability
    leading to long-term viability

  • Innovation
    with capital efficiency

  • Abundance Mindset
    shaping profitability

Our Vision

Impactful investments in innovative Hospitality & Entertainment businesses.

Amima firmly believes that innovation, although powerful, does not always succeed solely on merit. C’est la vie. As such, every new idea requires a certain critical mass to grow exponentially. Amima believes that our team has a substantial history and valuable experience to add to the entrepreneurs of today and make them the market leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission

Find the gems of innovation in the Hospitality & Entertainment industry.

Being in the Hospitality and Entertainment industry for over ten years, the team at Amima leverages its extensive network to find the entrepreneurs making an impact in the market with the help of innovative technological solutions. We enable the driven entrepreneur to grow exponentially by unlocking access to forward-looking investors who bring the wealth of their wisdom. Amima aims to empower our partners by allowing them to impact positive, radical change in the world, as with the surge of innovation, growth and prosperity do not lag far behind.

This is summarized in our tagline.

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